Learning Opportunities for Kids (and Others)

Our PotStick, YardArt, GardenArt, PotRing and Container Gardening products offer many learning opportunities. Check out some ideas below. Do you have a learning idea or story to contribute? Contact us below to share.

Color Mixing

Learn to mix colors to achieve your artistic ideas. Custom colors can be fun and create some unusual effects. Use these concepts when painting our PotStick, DirtStick, YardArt, GardenArt kits or on ceramic pots for use with our PotRing lines. Anytime you paint these skills are fun and valuable.

Image Credit: Ghislain Bonneau at gbphotodidactical.ca
Click on the image above and see page 22 of the .pdf

Introduce Kids to Gardening

This is a great opportunity to teach kids about gardening, food preservation, knowing how to eat healthy foods from known sources and so much more. Try growing variety lettuce in a 10 inch terracotta pot mounted in a PotRing or a tomato plant in a work pail container garden. They'll eat it up!

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