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About Us

Denise and Graham, a couple of kids having fun.

Our journey to this website, started with a set of ladder brackets purchased at one of the big home improvement stores. The brackets worked great, holding our ladder... for a while. Then they failed, dropping our large heavy ladder to the ground, a cement slab. Thankfully no one was hurt, but because the brackets lightweight thin-wall tubing rusted away, the expensive ladder was damaged.

Later we were visiting some friends, one of which happened to be a metal craftsperson, and mentioned the ladder bracket fiasco. The metal artisan, suggested that a more durable set of brackets could be made locally. Soon, our (new) ladder was hanging on the new, well made, ladder brackets.

As other friends visited our home, we received compliments about the ladder brackets and visitors sometimes asked where they could get them. We would tell the story and often get requests to have a set of the brackets made by the artisan.

Soon we started looking around our home and garden from a different perspective. What poor quality things were broken or unused that could be replaced and what things would be useful if available and made right.

One of the first items we designed and had locally made, by another artisan, was the post mounted shepherds hook. This really received attention, compliments and requests from friends. One evening we had a guest who owns a local nursery, that is open to the public, who just had to have a few of them to add to the plant offerings at the nursery.

Before we knew it we were selling the shepherds hook and other locally crafted items to local nursery, pet and hardware small businesses. We established a business entity in 1997 for the management of that endeavor.

Unfortunately, with the passage of one our more successful local small business owners and the subsequent closing of their company, we were faced with the task of telling our artisans that we would not be ordering as much and may be winding down the enterprise.

We chose to deliver this bad news at a gathering for that purpose. To our surprise, almost immediately, the artisans huddled and came up with the idea that we should start a web site to sell these and many new items directly to the public. In 2018, With the support and direct involvement, in some cases, of our artisan community, iYardArt.com was founded, as a subsidiary of our original company. 

We have purposed iYardArt with designing durable and decorative products for home and garden while generating work for our artisans. Our artisans have been, and continue to be, the source of not only goods but design ideas for new items.

We source items:

  1. First, from within our local artisan community 
  2. Second, from US based suppliers
  3. Lastly, when necessary, from importers and other suppliers

The majority of the items at iYardArt.com are hand crafted in the United States. 

We stand behind the items we sell and guarantee your satisfaction with a 30 day, no hassle, return policy and limited one-year warranty. We believe in treating our customers the way we want to be treated. 

This site is a rapidly growing hub for creative people looking for decorative, durable home and garden ideas and products. We welcome your ideas and suggestions. Visit our landing page for member driven topics and links.

Be part of our community by submitting your ideas on any topic page and joining our mailing list at the bottom of any page at this site. Your email address will not be sold and the newsletter you occasionally receive will be more news than ads.

Other places to shop for iYardArt products:

Etsy: Type iYardArt in the search box at Etsy. (Please "Favorite" our shop)
Facebook: Visit and shop iYardArt on Facebook. (Remember to "Like" us)
Several garden centers and pet stores in the Central Florida area.

Interested in selling our products? Register as a retailer at our Business to Business page. 

Note: Some channels may offer limited selections of our products

One Year Limited Warranty:

We will replace any item, sold by us, found by us to be defective within 1 year of delivery. If the item is no longer available you may choose a refund or store credit for the full purchase amount and any shipping charges you may have paid.

Defective items: Contact us to obtain a return authorization. A return authorization must be obtained for defective items returned.

  • We will provide a prepaid return shipping label for these returns. 
  • A replacement will be sent at no cost for the item or shipping.

No return will be accepted or exchange / credit / refund issued without a return authorization.

Read complete warranty details here.


We will gladly accept the return of any item we sold, for any reason, within 30 days of delivery. Items must be in new condition and in original packaging. A refund or store credit, your choice, will be issued promptly upon receipt of the returned item. Shipping charges can not be credited or refunded.

Contact us to obtain a return authorization. A return authorization must be obtained for any items returned. No return will be accepted or exchange / credit / refund issued without a return authorization.

About Sizes and Images

Sometimes, due to quality improvements or changes in the way products are produced, the appearance, size or features of a product may differ slightly from the images shown on this site. Additionally many of our items are hand shaped and may vary slightly in appearance. If these minor, usually cosmetic, variations are unacceptable, feel free to return the item for a store credit or refund. Please check our return policy for details.

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