PotRings Potted Plant Holders and
5 Gallon Work Pail Container Gardening Kit

Bring the beauty of your potted plant creations to your home or yard. Flower Pot Rings, "PotRings" come in a variety of sizes to accommodate common pot sizes. These durable, hand shaped, rustic flower pot rings are made from 1/4 inch round solid steel with a sturdy bracket and black head screws.

Wondering what can be done with PotRings? See how they used PotRings to help make Mijas, Spain a world heritage site!

The PotRing kit includes:

  • PotRing, a 1/4 inch solid steel ring attached to a mounting bracket
    (PotRing - Installation Instructions)
  • Black head wood screws and washers where applicable.
    (screw quantities and lengths vary based on style and size of PotRing, see individual product listings for details)
  • The 5-gallon pail PotRing also includes a support bracket with two black head lag screws.
    (5 Gallon Pail PotRing with Support Bracket) - Installation Instructions)

For additional hardware options see the Accessories and Parts category.

Note: PotRings and 5 Gallon Pail Kits do not include pots, terracotta pots or pails. Terracotta pots and work pails may be purchased at your local garden store. We've seen them at Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, Walmart and other outlets.


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